Road To Valhalla

Road To Valhalla

Road to Valhalla



So many times we have been confronted with people that we met saying to us:”What a Shame to destroy a boat like this, what a SHAME.”

No shame at all, instead of rotting in Bretagne parking lot Bear Winner went on her last 733 miles long journey to Islay with a quest. Her form transformed into a new form.

Bear winner finished her last journey with dignity.

RNLI group from Port Askeg and the workers from the Bunnahabhain distillery helped us to put it out of the water and to bring it to the place of the transformation.

We have sliced it like a fish, separating the flesh from the bones. Straight, sharp cuts. One by one the whole structure was opening. First the right front part, than the tail, deck, left and right side parts, until just the bone structure was standing alone.

We have cleaned the pieces of white oak that were in good condition, separated them from other material and prepared them for transport to Spiecyed Couperage, to be used for barrel construction.

The transformation lasted for three days.

We put together all the wooden materials and pieces that remained and took them to the place next to the sea where we have burned them. The fire, eating the last parts was beautiful. No martyrs, just the revelation. Straight to Valhalla!

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